Big Bird!

Just another of those days where I crawled slowly like a snail to yet another doctor appointment, but one thing made my day: The world’s biggest airplane, the An-225 was egressing from Halle-Leipzig airport (LEJ) and taking the South-East turn, meaning it flew right above our little village. Just totally awesome to see this big bird climb into the sun. They had it on display last weekend on their Kid’s Day and seeing that biggy alone would have been worth going there, since it is so rare to even get the chance. Too bad I’m still completely knocked out from my infection. Our weekly update to The Plant Factory teasers collection is a bit thin this time and while I’m still willing to believe that this could indeed be the best plant creation app on the planet, they better hurry up with releasing it or at least giving us a full feature overview video. Stretching out stuff that much very much means that they haven’t a ready to release build which they could give to some demo artists, which doesn’t bode well….

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