Elma Om Mi Lize… O Ma Ley…

Entering the sixth week of being shot down with some rather persevering infection one of the few bright spots between sleeping and generally feeling like having been chewed on by a dragon and then spit out again has been a rerun of the snippeted together Amaluna show. Not only did I watch it on Whitsun Monday last week, but also let it run on arte +7, their version of a time-limited mediatheque, a couple of times. While I was initially a bit skeptical, I think I have come to a point where I actually like it a lot. The more you watched it, the more it made sense and the music is just perfect. It carries this evocative melancholy that awakens this odd sense of yearning – in me, anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice that somewhere this fantasy forest could exist with all its wonderous creatures? Just too bad that I couldn’t find a way to record the stream somehow… The live version of Whisper is quite a bit different from the one on the CD and of course as always, the little interludes and intermezzi add a lot to the atmosphere.

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