We are one!

Strangely I’ve gotten into that kinda habit of watching the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. Even when I was in hospital two years ago we would stay up till late at night. Yesterday’s version wasn’t all that bad. While some may criticize the songs getting more mainstream and commercial, I think it does the event good. Nobody would want to watch the freak shows we still had 10 years ago today and just like with shows like American Idol or similar there would be no point in putting someone on stage that 2 months later nobody even remembers. My only regret is that the usual “we give our 12 points to our best neighbors” shuffle and the somewhat unsophisticated musical tastes of some countries still prevent the actually best song from winning, but rather always lead to that kind of quiet consensus on songs that don’t scratch anyone’s skin. If they could work out that part and change their rating system to provide a better balance, it might be even more fun. Would have been nice to see the Dutch singer win. The song reminded me of some of Annie Lennox, one of my personal favorite singers. And Germany? Once more we deservedly completely bombed with a mediocre song that tried to be all too much like last year’s winner Loreen with Euphoria. You don’t even need to pull the “everybody hates Germany because of their strict policy in the financial crisis” card, though admittedly I, too, think, that some countries did a little payback…

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