Let’s talk about… Angelina Jolie‘s boobs! Erm, no, not really, though you have to give it to her – tough call and very courageous to go through such a full-on trademark redesign, if you wanna call it that. ;-) Big thumbs up, little girl! Anyway, that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

Of course, you guessed it, we’re entering year 5000 A.D. after Adobe nuked the planet with Creative Cloud. On my last post regarding the topic a somewhat frustrated reader noted that compared to my usual sharp tongue I seem to lack a certain bite in the matter. That may be true, but I really have nothing more to say in the matter. It’s one of those “it simply is” things where I have long given up trying to make sense of Adobe. Now I’m not nearly half as eloquent a writer as Stu or Aharon, but he makes some very good points about the whole matter: The problem is not that we have Creative Cloud, it’s how Adobe are trying to sell us shit and not talking to us as users. As Stu (the Maschwitz one) already noted, that part about “Ideation” is gold from the “stupid marketing talk” trashcan.

Beyond that it really doesn’t matter much. If some free Creative Cloud voucher falls from the sky I might use it and I’m sure I’ll have a look at it at work (should my infection ever get better; week 4 staying at home and counting…), but at this point I’m neither planning to jump ship completely nor do I have any plans to send Adobe my money since I have no genuine need for what they have to offer me this time around. Should that ever change, I might join, after all. For now I have other things to focus on, including crafting some stuff for you, my inclined audience and perhaps testing some new plug-ins that may be on the horizon, but I’m sure not going crazy over this. If I wanted, I’d wind myself up rather over the technical side of things and why Adobe software is as it is, but that’s a topic for another time.

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