Not just Plants

As has become a ritual those last few weeks, there’s another teaser for The Plant Factory. Some of the comments are a bit negative this time. Are they right? They are right about that we really should be getting some definitive info about pricing and availability. You know, people have to make plans to save the money and then have to have time to at least try the demo. That’s a check. Where I don’t agree is the point about this deviating from its intended use too much. The point missed here is that to any tool’s or plug-in’s primary use there is a million secondary side uses. Sometimes some of them are obvious, some of them not so much. In this case the obvious thing is that the whole program is something that generates repetitive/ iterative structures.  And are not chains, trusses, conveyors and that just the same elements stacked together in fixed patterns? You always need to keep an open mind about this, or you’ll miss an opportunity to make life easier on you for some tasks. As I told Stewart McSherry in a short mail exchange about my alternate XFrog icons, I use those tools regularly to just produce interesting structures for backgrounds and similar, not necessarily plants (though I still do that for my own pleasure, of course, it just rarely ever gets finished and ready for primetime ;-) ). One thing you can for instance try yourself quite easily is to use MoGraph‘s MoSpline to produce a radial fan and then put the XFrog Tropism deformer on it. Just by animating the  strength of the deformer you can get yourself all sorts of pulsating tentacles for sea anemones, medusae, coral polyps or single cell organisms. Throw it into a Sweep NURBS et voilà! The whole fun really is about exploring and figuring out things sometimes and while I seem to come up with ever weirder uses for MoGraph like my Les Blocs, others like Yader come up with ideas that I have never thought of but sure come in handy from time to time and make me go “Why didn’t I think of that?”….

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