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Big Bird!

Just another of those days where I crawled slowly like a snail to yet another doctor appointment, but one thing made my day: The world’s biggest airplane, the An-225 was egressing from Halle-Leipzig airport (LEJ) and taking the South-East turn, meaning it flew right above our little village. Just totally awesome to see this big […]

Elma Om Mi Lize… O Ma Ley…

Entering the sixth week of being shot down with some rather persevering infection one of the few bright spots between sleeping and generally feeling like having been chewed on by a dragon and then spit out again has been a rerun of the snippeted together Amaluna show. Not only did I watch it on Whitsun […]

Ooops, he did it again…

Yepp, my colleague Gerald has been at it againĀ (and obviously his beloved one was involved somehow, too). Welcome Karl Thoren! I’m proud like a mother hen. Just hope Arthur won’t be giving them a hard time when he gets a little less attention now…. ;-)

Trees everywhere!

Another week, another… Yes, you know the drill, another bit of info on The Plant Factory, this time about painting trees. I’m not necessarily convinced by this approach, as it defeats the purpose of procedural, realistic plants based on rules and influences, but naturally there are times when this is not wanted and instead the […]

We are one!

Strangely I’ve gotten into that kinda habit of watching the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. Even when I was in hospital two years ago we would stay up till late at night. Yesterday’s version wasn’t all that bad. While some may criticize the songs getting more mainstream and commercial, I think it does the […]

Saturday Folders

With the Creative Cloud set to release in June and none of my much wished for changes coming and After Effects just remaining the same old lady for a while longer, developers’ gluteal cramps seem to relax and they start releasing a few more things that should/ will be compatible to CS7 as well. Yee-ha! […]


Let’s talk about… Angelina Jolie‘s boobs! Erm, no, not really, though you have to give it to her – tough call and very courageous to go through such a full-on trademark redesign, if you wanna call it that. ;-) Big thumbs up, little girl! Anyway, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Of course, […]