Monday Fever

I almost thought I was through with my infection, but today it has struck back with full force and I’ve had a slight fever the whole night and through the day. That being the case, my plans to do some work on the Error Code Database have crumbled. I really need to catch up, as my internal Excel list now shows 503 errors. Too bad the contest I had planned never came to pass, but just to give you a bit of fun, here’s the (then preliminary) working title:

Error 500

May it serve you as a reminder to work on da skillz every day! ;-) Of course this could have turned whichever way and some alternate version of this could have indeed included words like After Effects sucks (on the best of days/ sometimes/ not so much). *lol* I’m sure we’d have had plenty of obscure error messages to prove or disprove that. On the other hand we of course might have just called it Go 500! or something equally simple and catchy. Well, whatever, maybe we can try this again when we reach 600. I think I’m gonna dump myself on the bed for the rest of the afternoon and evening and try to watch The Hobbit on DVD which my cutie little brother brought me without falling asleep.

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