Movie Thursday

Ah, the burdens of being hyper-sensitive to infections… It’s just not fun how this stuff spoils good opportunities every time. Today I would have had the chance to watch a press screening of Iron Man 3, but instead I’m sitting here with my nose  running and my lungs feeling like filled with sand. *argh* That’s even more  regrettable, since the third movie finally seems to have found a healthy balance and actually have gotten back its cynical darker touch that attracted me to the first 30 minutes of the first film and when I read some stuff on the plot twist with The Mandarin I actually thought it was an interesting take. It might actually have been cool despite all the ridiculous over-the-topness, cheesy dialog and excessively blinking virtual HUDs. And of course the good thing about such predictably successful films is that you get good swag as well. There might have been a T-shirt or action figure in it. ;-) Speaking of movies getting better, it seems Red Giant are slowly learning the finer points of the craft as well. Their latest Spy vs. Guy isn’t half that bad and could actually be even more fun, if they had been courageous enough to not over-stretch some of the less interesting gags and cut them out plus, of course, adding totally unrealistic lens flares ruins some shots once again. They really should not do that. The character choice for the agent is a bit reminiscent of Gary Oldman in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which gives it an interesting awkward stiffness. If they had played more on that instead of the gadgets, it might have been even more classy…

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