Big honkin’ Tree!

While I’m sitting around for a render to finish and once more realizing how little optimized Cinema 4Ds renderer is (anything with transparency basically brings it to its knees *boohoo*), I of course have a bit of time to look around the web and just like the past few weeks we have another teaser for The Plant Factory. While once more the tree looks superb, the most pressing questions so far remain unanswered: How will we be able to render any of this at all and how will scenes look when populated with lots and lots of variations of a  species? That’s always something that bothers me with most plant generation tools – you can spend hours creating the most beautifully detailed parametric plants and then you can only have a handful of them in your scene and then you end up using lots of texturing tricks and simplifications again to be able to render anything at all.


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  1. Is there a way to apply a tag in C4D to lower detail and reduce rendering time?

    • Per se there is no such thing, but of course you can fiddle with the Polygon Reduction deformer or play with the Level of Detail settings in the viewport vs. the renderer. In addition, some object types have separate settings for render subdivisions. Generally, though, none of this will necessarily significantly reduce render times. There’s too many other factors to consider. A simple sphere will render slower if it is fully in view whereas it will render faster if it only covers part of the frame simply because the renderer needs to evaluate more pixels. In that case the sphere could consist of a gigazillion polygons and it would probably only make a minor difference comapred to the default 24 segment sphere. And finally, as long as all objects remain procedural and the program or plug-ins like XFrog recalculate their stuff for every frame, producing the hierarchy and geometry may take longer than the rendering. As you see, it’s not as easy as pushing a biutton or applying a generalized tag.

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