Your new Thinking Particles is here!

…erm, well, not quite, but on some forums the upcoming X-Particles v2 is touted as this already. Though I haven’t yet used the original release on any serious production and just dabbling around with it from time to time and even that far to seldom, it’s one of those plug-ins that deserve to be bought just for the sheer amount of thought that went into them and to support the developers. If it can keep its promises, it might indeed supercede Thinking Particles easily and put a lid on some of the complaints. Of course those people are right – ever since its introduction, this feature hasn’t received any updates and is essentially still v1 while its brethren in MAX now has arrived at version 5 and evolved into a full dynamics system with fracturing tools and lots of other goodies. The multithreaded performance alone should make a lot of people happy and the revised structure and group options should make it more accessible and logical. It also has its own meshing, which in addition to the one in the recent SuperVoxels should further expand options. I’d predict we’ll be seeing all sorts of splashy animations soon. ;-) As someone who still loves Plexus, I’m also fascinated by the various connection options. I guess one could go completely trigger happy on this and produce some animation with a trillion points all connected and using X-Particles, SuperTracer and Plexus, all linked together by exporting 3D data from Cinema 4D for alignment. *yummy*

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