Baked Blocs

While I’m sitting here and sorting what feels like yet another millions screws, nuts and bolts on some CAD model into an animatable hierarchy, I occasionally need to distract myself from this rather monotonous work and let myself get sidetracked with other things. Something that has bugged me slightly ever since I released my Les Blocs package was that I had figured out all the bits and pieces to create lots of  interesting variations with relative ease, but then of course the geometry was so heavy it was not necessarily useful for Element 3D or even directly in Cinema 4D. To make matters even more complicated, there’s no option in Cinema like e.g. in modo to bake textures from a high-res model into a low-res one, a technique commonly used to produce game assets. All of this, and my notorious inaptitude at UV-ing and unwillingness to spend hours with elaborate texturing had me thinking on and off how I could pull off something like that and it now seems I have come up with a solution. Combined with a lightened geometry generation pipeline this might potentially mean that one of those days you get a decent free city pack, after all with proper textures, baked in ambient occlusion and all that.  Those models will then no doubt look even better once we get shadows in Element… Could be yummy. And now back to my CAD stuff. ;-)

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