Shaking the Tree

“Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin’ the tree.” Indeed, in line with Peter Gabriel‘s classic shaking trees might be a bit easier soon. Finally, we have some short video snippet of The Plant Factory in action. Really looks neat. I still wish they’d show more, though, like creating a species and then exporting it to Vue and populating a real forest with variations based on the parametric definitions… Not that it would be that pressing, considering that I don’t have Vue and coughing up the money just to endeavour in some spare time fun would be a major stretch, but it would be nice. But before that, I guess I should make it a point to visit that P.G. concert when he comes to Leipzig in September if I can. Completely missed the Growing Up tour a few years ago :-(. On the Luxology someone also reminded me about SpeedTree. It’s one of those tools I’ve never tried because back then it seemed they are mostly selling it as games middleware, but it has come along its way. They used it for the plants in Avatar even. Might need to check it out one of those days… Funny side note in closing: Avid announced Media Composer 7 at NAB. The year of the seven indeed.

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