Sunday Destruction

Ah, who needs atom bombs when you can have little kids! Their destructive power must be equal! ;-) Little Tim is a quick learner and already all too well knows how to open up the glass cabinet where my dad’s model train collection is on display. His brother, Niklas, today turned 5 and you can imagine the hectic buzz this caused. Gotta love the little monsters! :-) Elsewhere, we almost ended up cutting one another to pieces on a forum over that madness with Cineware and After Effects CS7. Some people got a bit pissed because they didn’t think it’s the greatest thing since the invention of electricity, other people got pissed because they just felt the opposite and then things got out of hand with a misinterpreted (admittedly sexist) joke (no, wasn’t me this time) and personal insults being thrown around. Ah, what fun. Personally I’m getting more and more this “Umm, no, I’ll never use this.” feeling the more demos I watch. I just incidentally fired up my modo 701 to clean up some old CAD model I may need for a current project and then decided I just wanted to compare with the demos and what can I tell you? Changing the lighting on a simple extruded text object as in the demos is almost instantaneous on my system in the Preview with almost no degradation and the actual render takes less than 2 seconds. Compared to the progress bars that even a simple camera movement in CS7 causes with Cineware, this seems like bliss. Well, time to move on and wait for CS8, I guess, which hopefully will also enhance After Effects‘ own 3D space to really take advantage of such stuff.

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