Maxon’s Big Thing

Ah, speculation on forums is a fun thing, is it not? Everybody is going crazy over what Maxon are hinting at in their pre-NAB teasers. Now speculation may be fun, but it is also a waste of time, so let me connect the dots for you and you can stop right there:

  • The slogan is “It will change the way people design.”
  • All people so far are motiongraphics guys and I’d expect John Dickinson or a certain Gorilla to pop up any time in those videos.
  • Didn’t Adobe and Maxon announce something just last week?
  • Wasn’t there a certain podcast indicating that work on better After Effects and Cinema 4D integration had already begun at Adobe and Maxon, coincidentally almost at the same time?

Now let’s switch on our brain cells and just spell it out: We will see first signs of their cooperation in CS7 already, that is we will probably get a method of bidirectional synchronization for cameras, lights and other scene data between the programs similar to the already existing import/ export stuff, it will just be a bit more interactive, either by continually refreshing the files on disk automatically and reloading them or by ways of some shared memory address space, aka DynamicLink. Did I just ruin Maxon‘s and Adobe‘s PR strategy? Possibly. With NAB being only 2 days away we will find out soon enough, won’t we? ;-)

Elsewhere, The Plant Factory is getting its next weekly image/ appetizer and beginning to look better and better. If their promises hold, this will be fun. A little bit of fun no doubt can also be had with Mathias’ updated iExpressions. They now have some physics stuff, no doubt a move to complement Newton or at least provide users that may not be willing or able to buy yet another expensive plug-in some of that functionality.

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