Icons are a bitchy thing. Squeezing meaningful information into 32×32 pixels may be easy with an QR code, but it’s a whole lot more difficult when it needs to work visually. Long on my list of things to do one of these days was crafting a few alternate icons for XFrog for Cinema 4D. Since the plug-in comes with the old icon style as used before R10, it didn’t quite fit the new visual style introduced then. Admittedly nothing that would stop you from getting your work done, but next to the program’s own icons, it still felt somewhat out of place. Here’s now my take on the matter. There’s of course always room for improvement and some things are open to interpretation, so maybe one day I might give this another whirl. I’ve also created some better icons for Remotion‘s SuperTracer and SuperVoxels. If you use any of these plug-ins and feel the same about making them look prettier, head over to my download pages and grab the pack.

XFrog &Remotion Icon Pack

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