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Monday Fever

I almost thought I was through with my infection, but today it has struck back with full force and I’ve had a slight fever the whole night and through the day. That being the case, my plans to do some work on the Error Code Database have crumbled. I really need to catch up, as […]

Movie Thursday

Ah, the burdens of being hyper-sensitive to infections… It’s just not fun how this stuff spoils good opportunities every time. Today I would have had the chance to watch a press screening of Iron Man 3, but instead I’m sitting here with my nose ┬árunning and my lungs feeling like filled with sand. *argh* That’s […]

Big honkin’ Tree!

While I’m sitting around for a render to finish and once more realizing how little optimized┬áCinema 4Ds renderer is (anything with transparency basically brings it to its knees *boohoo*), I of course have a bit of time to look around the web and just like the past few weeks we have another teaser for The […]

Your new Thinking Particles is here!

…erm, well, not quite, but on some forums the upcoming X-Particles v2 is touted as this already. Though I haven’t yet used the original release on any serious production and just dabbling around with it from time to time and even that far to seldom, it’s one of those plug-ins that deserve to be bought […]


Guess what – I’m down with an infection again and since naturally even the tiniest germ could turn into a life-threatening situation, I’m shoveling in antibiotics once more. I must now have tried pretty much every type of them over those 2-3 years ‘cos naturally you have to try a different one every now and […]

You-I-Porn (UI Porn)

There was a time in my life when I had this odd desire that I wanted to get into mock UI graphics for film and TV and then I found other things to do. My interest in this stuff has never completely gone away, though over the years it has gotten more and more insane […]


Continuing yesterday’s excursion into the obscure world of After Effects‘ 3D and plug-ins latching on to it, a very common question cropping up all over forums on what the difference is/ will be between Cinema 4D Lite/ Cineware and Element 3D. The long and short version is, that one offers what the other doesn’t and […]