Refined Elemental Water

The medical business can be just as exhausting as going to work every day. Sitting around in some waiting room for a couple of hours and having to drink 2 liters of “peppermint lemonade” (intestines contrast agent flavored like mouth wash *eeek*) and then going through CT where they pump you with that other radiological agent sure wears you out. My body is still working on flushing everything out and I feel tired. That being so, obviously I didn’t get much done, but before I went to bed some time around 7 PM (yepp, kiddy sleep time) I watched my One Night, One Drop recording.

As far as Cirque du Soleil shows go, this one is more Delirium than anything like the other shows, and if you have read my somewhat skeptical review of that show (though I have learned to love some of the music pieces the more I listened to them) you know what I mean. Such events have a tendency to be too much all over the place and too inconsistent in their style and indeed I could have gone without the all too obvious “safe the world” references, the bad poetry slam, that 12 year or whatever girl ruining her vocal chords and some other things. Some performances were nice, though, there was just not enough of a story or show script to really connect them. The music selection was nice in parts and I’d be ready to buy a CD, on the other hand. And yes, of course they had some men in half-dressed/ in speedos and I found myself thinking “Please, make me wet…!” ;-)

While enjoying something else, the world of software of course didn’t stand still and so we have a few After Effects news. Finally we get some glimpses of CS7 by ways of having a sneak peek at the Refine Edges stuff, first officially on Adobe TV and with a few more details on PVC (no, not poly vinyl chloride). As a nuts & bolts guy doing machine visualizations I haven’t used Rotobrush on a real project a single time, but I guess that edge refinement stuff might come in useful if ever such a thing were required on some “company head giving interview in front of his spanking new machine”  and the machine breaking apart or some NSFW stuff happening in the background. Elsewhere, Video CoPilot have released the free Element 3D 1.6 update. Creating Nulls where you need them could be useful and some more built-in mapping options never hurt, either. Might actually allow me to do a few things on my city pack, but I’ll have to look into it. funny how everyone keeps firing out stuff so they have some buzz in time for NAB

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