New Week, new 3D

Before I head off to my computer tomography where they’ll radiate me with yet another dose of Gamma rays and shoot contrast agent down my veins that we chronic patients lovingly call “rat poison” (just like the stuff you get for chemo therapies it makes you extremely nauseous and cry for the bucket, though luckily just  for about an hour at most), just a few news from the software world. As expected, there’s another teaser for the Plant Factory, this time about exporting stuff to your favorite 3D application. Supports wind animation? Already beginning to look better and better, though the overhead of having a gigazillion bones or MDD files in a large scene will slow down even the most optimized program to a crawl. Well, we’ll have to see. Elsewhere, modo 701 has now been released. As previously noted, I don’t think I’ll ever use it for any animation stuff, but I’ll stick with it for modelling. It just feels much more natural and intuitive than Cinema 4D in that department. And who knows, I might take to exploring the new particle stuff and what else a bit, after all…

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