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The Words

It seems that when I’m on a roll I never quite know when to stop. Not only do my little experiments I sometimes start for fun turn into complex projects that keep me busy for weeks, but just the same whenever I think to myself “Now I’ve had it, I’v answered that silly question on a forum for the 500th time and I need to write it down so I can just point to a link!” so much keeps running through my head that what was meant as a quick tip turns into a full editorial article. My latest creation on how to keep your files safe and sound and fixing broken stuff is no exception. It turned out to be a whopping 14000 words. That’s something like a 20 page tech mag article or so… ;-) Writing seemed to take forever and being pumped with corticoids made it difficult to concentrate nor did having cramps, intestinal pains and nervous twitches from my illness help, but I somehow got there, regardless. If you find inaccuracies, lines that could be written better or have additions, just contact me….


One comment on “The Words

  1. Thanks a lot for youre experiments and to share them, I really hope tha you will stay better as soon as possible, my regards.

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