Another Week, another Plant Factory Tease

Ah yes, there’s marketing and then there’s marketing…. It seems the people at E-on Software have learned from the best and just  are boring their potential customers to death before the show even has begun. You know, this is like sex – you can only tease so far before you have surpassed the climax and then quite literally everything collapses (if you know what I mean ;-) ). The sad thing is they have no reason at all to be so pick-ish. The plants look gorgeous and if the price is right and it works as advertised they’d sell enough of this stuff in a heartbeat. Instead they’re just leaving people with the impression that the product just isn’t ready for release which in itself of course is bad – if they release it rushedly, it will be plagued with glaring bugs (CS6, anyone?) and frustrate users, if they take too long to finish it up they’ll lose the momentum.

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