Geek Streak

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been polishing up the After Effects’s Error Code Database a bit lately. As I’m more and more expanding it to include other Adobe apps and more generalized tips, it seemed only fitting to add a new header. I’ve also added a few additions to several articles and perhaps most importantly have now structured the overview pages with per-page indices to make finding stuff a bit easier. I’m also writing on several articles to expand my little empire, so stay tuned. In the meantime you could at least read Michele‘s brief overview of some basic troubleshooting steps (aka some common sense first measures). It’s definitely lighter reading than my usually somewhat long-winded descriptions.  The error database also now has 476 entries and if all goes well, I’ll  be adding the 20 or so from my internal Excel sheet soon-ish, meaning we’re fast approaching 500. That being so, I was actually planning on holding a little competition and it would have made up for that debacle with Adobe‘s own giveaway, but alas, I couldn’t scrounge together enough of the good stuff so it didn’t happen. Some software companies apparently just can’t be bothered to spring a free license in exchange for prominently mentioning their name and popping their logos on your page. :-P Well, whatever, it could have been fun…

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