Voxels are Fun!

As a part-time geek/ nerd I spend a lot of time thinking and exploring stuff without any real need to use those tools and among those things are naturally all sorts of things I do with the MoGraph module in Cinema 4D. Amongst those was of course some crazy stuff with the Volume effector when it was new in R13 and while it will do some things, it became quickly apparent that it couldn’t do a lot of other things and there are rather strict limits to its performance. Eventually I gave up because it became too frustrating, but then last year Proc3durale brought me back to the topic. Now there’s another such tool that can create all sorts of Minecraft/ Lego like structures called SuperVoxels. Now the brick world look may go out of fashion eventually, but what you will find useful about this tool is its ability to generate a closed surface around a group. This will come in super handy for dynamics or even creating simplified hulls as stand-ins and adds another option for modeling organic structures without the overhead and excessive number of polygons of the normal metaballs object.

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