701 is coming!

As I wrote a while ago, this will be the year of the 7.something versions for many products and now Luxology have dropped the ball on modo 701. The info is of course a bit on the sparse side for now, but it looks like a solid update, if nothing Earth shattering. I still won’t use it for animation most likely, but juggling larger scenes faster and increased render speeds can still be useful for stills. I still wish they’d go back and revisit some core stuff like the scene tree or modeling tools like booleans, though. Regardless of this, it still beats Cinema 4D in several departments, so having both at hand makes a great combination. The increased price is already causing some debate on forums, but well, it was inevitable as they expand to other platforms and have a larger development and marketing team to feed. It’s still okay by a long shot, though. If you’re already within an upgrade path it’s still cheaper than the annual MSA for Cinema and when you buy it fresh it’s more competing with Lightwave. In any case, if you are a Linux user you have something to look forward to.

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