Crowd Pleaser

I’ve always been a nerd about some things, even though I may never actually use them in my productions and as previously mentioned that extends to crafting virtual greenery to sooth my nerves just as well as lens flares (given how I occasionally obsess about them that sounds funny, but I haven’t used one in a long time) and this is another such thing. Yepp, if I was a MAX user I’d probably build scenes just to let my little mannekens run around all day. In fact when massive was used in The Lord of the Rings movies I had this strong urge that made me want to have it, but its price is beyond anything any hobbyist can afford and it would burn a big hole in the pockets even of many smaller production companies. If I had Maya, I could use Golaem Crowd or Miarmy, but being a Cinema 4D user I’ll probably have to settle for People in Motion to make my workers walk through factory halls in my visualizations…

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