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Another 7

Time to take out your sunglasses and prepare for another round of flares. Yepp, Sapphire 7 has been released and of course there’s a few enhancements and changes to the lens flare stuff, including some new presets. My old ones will of course still work just as well, give or take minute differences in appearance […]

Refined Elemental Water

The medical business can be just as exhausting as going to work every day. Sitting around in some waiting room for a couple of hours and having to drink 2 liters of “peppermint lemonade” (intestines contrast agent flavored like mouth wash *eeek*) and then going through CT where they pump you with that other radiological […]

New Week, new 3D

Before I head off to my computer tomography where they’ll radiate me with yet another dose of Gamma rays and shoot contrast agent down my veins that we chronic patients lovingly call “rat poison” (just like the stuff you get for chemo therapies it makes you extremely nauseous and cry for the bucket, though luckily […]

The Words

It seems that when I’m on a roll I never quite know when to stop. Not only do my little experiments I sometimes start for fun turn into complex projects that keep me busy for weeks, but just the same whenever I think to myself “Now I’ve had it, I’v answered that silly question on […]

Optical Nuke

Everybody’s favorite lens flare plug-in Optical Flares just upped the ante and after being forever in the making, finally released a version for Nuke. I can remember having posted about this a couple of years ago already and then Element became the top priority for Video CoPilot and the lights were turned off not to […]

Morning Glory

You’re lucky I’m still getting up each day. This morning I almost didn’t ‘cos my pains were so bad, I was ready to call the ambulance. Somehow I managed to roll out of my bed, after all, and I’m glad I did or else I would have missed another good photo opportunity like┬áback then in […]


Having renal problems is not funny, trust me! Getting up in the morning is an exercise in itself trying to not scream your neighbors out of bed from the pain and then you feel terrible for the first few hours of the day. In fact this morning I felt so nauseous, I almost threw up […]