Colormatch this!

Color correction sucks, plain and simple. You sit there for hours on end, trying to get a consistent look on multiple shots and when you re-open the project the other day, you realize that your “neutral” colors you did in the morning with a pair of fresh eyes are something completely different from the ones you did in the afternoon. So what do you do? Yes, you fire up those tools with all their fidgety curves, color wheels and secondary controls. Some of them are a bit less daunting than others, but no matter which one you use, the whole process is still mostly a tenure. That makes RevisionFX’ RE:Match a godsend. There have been a few tries at automatic color matching plug-ins in the past, but I feel that only now this nut has been cracked. I finally had a bit of time to try it out myself and it’s simply amazing. It doesn’t take off the burden of color correction completely, but what makes it so nice is that it can actually bend the colors based on a reference image/ frame and give you a consistent look even if it may not be perfect. In turn this means that you can much more easily reuse a manual correction that you have applied to your reference footage which for a lazy guy like me means you could probably apply an animation preset or simply copy&paste settings. That is positively awesome! Combined with the new, more sensible pricing I’m pretty sure we’ll be using it at our little rustbucket facility soon. Speaking of price adjustments, BorisFX also have bundled up their tools in more reasonable neat packages. Always seemed so strange having to buy the whole Continuum Complete with a lot of redundant plug-ins when you just wanted a specific effect while you already had a slew of other plug-ins in your arsenal…

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