Winners are U.S.!

I’m still getting this weird vibe when looking at the AE & Me campaign as most of the photos are just – erm, well – unfavorable (I guess they could put some of them on the box with a warning like “Prolonged After Effects use can have terrible effects on your skin complexion and your hairdo.” like they do on tobacco products), but that aside, the festivities surrounding the little bugger that is this program of course provide ample opportunity for all sorts of promotional activities and here it is – a little giveaway to start the year. Unfortunately Adobe legal have ground this thing to death and the paragraphs are as long as my Wiener *booh*, so it’s only for U.S. residents and such, but I could think of worse things than winning Cinema 4D Broadcast, which totally coincidentally might come in handy for my city pack (yeah, I know, I’m hopelessly late). They also have a ton of plug-ins to give away, which is not bad, either, but keep in mind that your beautiful Trapcode Particular you may win today will require an update when CS7 comes out and you may have to pay that on your own bill, so at the same time you do your victory dance, start saving money for that…

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