Yesterday was a shit day. Not so much because the Pope declared his retreat (I’m not religious in any way), but –  guess what – my health was going haywire again. After getting up at 3 in the morning once more, I tucked into my bed at 6.30 PM, watched a bit of evening news and then fell asleep and then slept like 11 hours til this morning. :-\ That being so, I’ve once more fallen behind schedule on my city pack (wanted to post this yesterday already), and as a little compensation and further teaser I have uploaded another model. This is a much better version of the Bank Tower from the appetizers pack.

It kinda dawned on me that the version I posted back then was somewhat on the petit side and couldn’t hold a bustling crowd and looked a lot less than imposing. It’s now 5 times bigger and employs a pattern that actually makes sense in an architectural engineering way. It also uses my refined methods for controlling the light distribution in the windows, so it looks a lot more realistic. As last time, put it in your library folder and it will be readily available for you to use. On the downside, using my geometry-based approach makes the models a bit heavy, so if you plan on using this, give the model some time to load in Element 3D. Once it’s loaded, things should be fast. Unfortunately the plug-in also cannot deal with so many texture tags so instead of using curtain textures or gradients with flat projections, I had to merge the windows into single meshes and use standard materials. I might tackle that one day when I have the time to actually get into that texturing stuff a bit more and create proper globally applied UV coordinates. For now this will have to do, though I’m optimistic that it might work on some of my other setups. You will see that when you get your hands on it. Speaking of which, if all goes well you will have something like 30 different models to choose from. I have worked out all the designs and now just need to do the assembly line job of converting them to “hard” polygons, clean them up and merge them. This will include another, more illuminated version of the tower and about 15 other types, some of which will have 2 or more distribution and layout variants so you can use the same basic design next to one another without it looking completely repetitive. Barring another lapse of my illness, this should finally all be done over the weekend. Sorry for all the delays. Grab the file now:

Les Blocs : Bank Tower at Night

Bank Tower

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