I’m awesome today!

It’s one of those days where I’m getting this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I’ve solved a ton of little problems on my own little city pack, Les Blocs, and actually have come up with some interesting ideas that could be potentially awesome in that they may further allow me to crank out about a ton of variations for buildings in no time. I also did a little digging for reference photos and it’s actually quite weird what odd combinations of shapes and materials architects sometimes come up with. Once you get a bit into it, it’s actually quite a bit of fun. Elsewhere there’s not much to report. Seems to be one of those weeks where not much is happening anywhere and except for the “Person staring at you and reminiscing about the past” campaign the After Effects world seems to be mostly asleep… See you in a few days – hopefully with some nice skyscrapers in my hands. ;-)

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