Elemental Smash

I’m still slowly chewing my way through creating a few more example buildings for Les Blocs, my own dirty little city pack and as usual I’m getting carried away having too much fun exploring new ideas, but I’ll get there eventually and I’m sure you’re gonna love it. In the meantime there’s plenty of other ways to have fun with Element 3D and while fracturing text certainly has been done a couple of times, it’s a popular effect that still warrants a new tutorial every now and then. RGBguru have done another one and while I rarely ever mention any tutorials around here much less have the time to watch them all (in all those years, I must at most have watched 5 Video CoPilot tutorials and most of that in fast forward mode, still)  of course the reason I’m plugging this one is the use of my IBL Toolkit. Mmh, skyscrapers with IBL smashing to pieces… Now there’s an idea – after getting up at  3 in the morning after 5 hours of sleep, no less! Gonna be one of those days again…

P.S.: My dashboard just informed me that this is the 666th post on this blog. Devilish! ;-)

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