After my little Facebook debacle I decided to focus my energy back on other things. Life is so much better and quieter with all those distractions. It had a few things going for it, no doubt, it’s just not for me. One of these things is that it helps you to rake in viewers on your sites. I even noticed a slight bump here on this blog. Now without it, I guess I’ll have to come up with my own ideas to attract people, don’t I?

Apparently there is some considerable interest in this city pack stuff and so once I finished it, people will probably swamp my site. That is still a few days away, but at least I have managed to produce a few examples and tied them up in an Appetizer pack. Of course I’m considerably behind schedule. The truth of the matter is that I actually botched up some of my working setups by trying out a few ideas and then had to rebuild them. The good thing that has come out of this is that they are now actually even more flexible and versatile, which you will hopefully find out soon-ish. You’re still gonna need Cinema 4D with the MoGraph module in some form to create your own setups, but as I still plan to produce a few more examples, you might be able to get some pretty decent basic city stuff.

As is probably evident from the images, I’m not a natural architect, but I’ll try my best to provide a decent selection. Also keep in mind that this isn’t meant to compete with Video CoPilot‘s Metropolitan pack or other commercial products. I’m way too lazy to spend hours with elaborate texturing or modeling all those tiny details. This really is just a quick & dirty toolset to produce large numbers of simple, stylized structures that may hold up on their own if you don’t look too closely and otherwise may help you to fill in some gaps in those other products. That’s why it’s free, after all. Of course with enough effort you can refine this endlessly.

Pick up the good stuff below. Put the models in your Element 3D library folder, which on Windows is


I don’t know what the exact location is on Mac, but it should be similarly some place in your user folder. Once the model files are in the correct spot you can open the After Effects project normally and it should find the models without much ado.

Les Blocs Appetizer Pack

Les Blocs Appetizer

Les Blocs Appetizer

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