New York, New York

One of the more positive things when staying home sick is that you actually have time to watch movies on TV that you would normally miss because at those times you have other things to do or already asleep. Yesterday was one such day.

First I tried to sit through Precious. I say I tried, because I actually couldn’t manage despite catching it 3 times within 24 hours with the reruns. I just couldn’t get into it. Queen may have sung about fat-bottomed girls making the world go round, but oh my… I also hated all this screaming and mumbling about. In defense, though, I would argue that it might make a lot more sense in English with the original slang terms being used than the German voiceover, which apparently borrowed a few too many words from teenager school slang (you know, when they want to sound like grown-ups and use al lthe wrong words). Still, it’s not necessarily a pleasurable movie to watch. It’s one of those American movies that despite winning a handful of Oscars just doesn’t click and unless you want to be one of those pretentious film reviewers that praise every arthouse movie even if it’s crap, you just have to admit it. It’s pretty obvious why those movies always bomb at the box office here in Germany.

Later I actually had a bit more fun with The Taking of Pelham 123. I was a bit skeptical about this reworked version since I love the rustic charme of the original with Walther Matthau, but it was actually quite entertaining. Not particularly outstanding and pretty much standard Tony Scott fare, but for a one-time free viewing I’m not complaining. If it wasn’t for Denzel Washington it would have failed miserably, though. The whole story was thin as the latex they use for condoms and never actually developed the tension you feel in the old version. One more reason that speaks for the original.

And why am I telling you this? Of course both movies play in New York and that city is nothing short of being full of skyscrapers which have become so popular recently with all sorts of city packs like the one for Element 3D. Video CoPilot people incidentally released some city templates for their Metropolitan pack just yesterday. Quite fittingly I’m still working on my own as well and while it’s a bad day and I’m feeling anything but energetic and won’t get much done, I have at least created a short screen capture that shows one of the building templates in Cinema 4D. I’m still working on polishing up the rest and as usual my own sense of perfection is causing delays, but it will now not be too long. The teaser should give you a rough idea what you can expect off the bat and since it’s an open, parametrized system you can of course add a lot more detail when you do your own variations. I’ve cut out some flickering screens and refresh stuff to keep it neat, but otherwise this is the real deal – One building turned into a different one with a few smartly wired knobs and buttons.


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