Cookie Bribery

I know I should have just gotten over it and pretended I was a straight guy (that is heterosexual) just for the fun of having some children. Today when I was heading over to my parents’ home for our daily get-together and chit-chat over a cup of coffee, little Tim, the dashing 2.5 year old son of my parents neighbor, stretched forth his hands and wanted me to carry him up to the fifth floor and I did. Gotta love those little soft hands as they poke into your nostrils while holding the little bugger… *lol* And then, which is the actual reason I’m telling you this, when we arrived on the fifth floor, followed by his 4 year old brother Niklas, they had the brilliant idea of wanting some of my cookies. Now I have a standing order for a couple of Christmas tree shaped cookies for Niklas and Santa shaped ones for Tim. I just hope I get around to getting them done in reasonable time. Can’t let those little cuties be disappointed in the old man, can you? ;-)


4 comments on “Cookie Bribery

  1. You keep saying that you’re old.. How old are you anyway?

    • I’m 38 now, but my illness makes me feel like 60 at times… Shouldn’t make too much fun of old people, I guess. ;-)

      • Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you have an illness.. I found your blog accidentally last year and I visited from time to time to see what’s new from your perspective. I saw your picture on the blog and I thought that something is wrong.. Why is this guy keep saying that he is old? Even 38 is not that much. But if you say that you feel like 60.. What kind of illness can add 22 years to someone?

      • Read the various Sarcoidosis related posts… ;-)

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