Pandora Dreaming!

I found myself watching Avatar again the other day and it’s strange how those “bad” movies grow on you. I guess it’s the same like back then with The Matrix – I absolutely hated it the first time I saw it, yet these days even I consider it one of those classics whose influences on modern cinema can’t be denied. The blue jungle smurfs are just like that. By all means, the story writing is sloppy, the acting sometimes rather poor and the creature design ridiculous, yet, and I guess that’s the point, the world comes very much alive. Sometimes when I can’t get to sleep from the pains of my illness I sometimes imagine laying in that soft, bioluminescent grass, staring out in the night with some waterfall or river making subtle churning noises and it has this quite soothing quality…. At times like this I also often find solutions to problems I’d been working on all day flashing in front of my eyes. You know, you’re staring at the screen trying to figure out something and then it comes to you minutes after you have turned off your computer while going to the bathroom or curling up on the bed. Yesterday I had no such luck, as I’m still trying to figure out some specific problem with my city builder toolkit, but perhaps in the meantime writing down some instructions and working on the demo graphics will distract me enough, so that I may yet slap my hand on my forehead making me go “Why didn’t you think of that…”.

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