City Blocks!

Good news, my friends! It seems once more Andrew has managed to trigger my nerd genes and so I spent a few moments cooking up some stuff to build my own city kit. It’s not going to be as polished as Metropolitan, but the good news is that it is – as always – going to be free and even better yet, highly customizable by the mighty powers of the MoGraph module in Cinema 4D and some XPresso. I’m gonna refine it a tiny bit and build some more examples and then slap together a quick screen capture illustrating how it works, so it should be available some time after the weekend. If you don’t already have Cinema 4D, you can start downloading the demo from Maxon and then exploit the 30 days trial activation to export all the models you can wish for (I plan to include a few “baked” examples, but not too many to save bandwidth). Stay tuned for more details as I get around to it…

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