Staring into AE’s old Face

I had a slight heart attack this morning when Rick Gerard was staring back at me on the Adobe Community Forums’ After Effects forum. You know, they have this Exceptional Contributor thing in the sidebar where everyone get’s his 15 seconds of fame with a photo and some short bio. Yepp, you guessed right –  I can’t put it any other way, it looks scary, even more so when you just have gotten up at 4 in the morning. Now we’re all getting old one of those days, but he just isn’t Patrick Stewart or Sean Connery. The blurb in the text says that in 1966 Rick was 15, which means he’s as old as my dad, but he looks a lot older and somewhat sickly. That’s one of the things that also irks me about these 20th anniversary testimonials – it may be just 20 years for After Effects, but for some people it seems to be a lifetime and they have grown old with the program. I mean really, really old, from the looks of their photos. You know, they started out using the program in their mid-twenties, thirties or forties and now are part of the 50+ or 60+ generation. *yikes*

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