Element + .5

After this mornings discovery of what old age can do to your face (but I suppose it’s okay; even Rick thinks it’s not the best shot of him when I pointed it out to him), now lets cram  in some more pleasant news before I can finally dump my rotten body back onto my bed after a 16 hour day. As mentioned last Friday, there will be an update to everyone’s favorite 3D plug-in, Element 3D, and the people at Video Copilot have pumped in some more features, which considering that it will be a free update is kinda good. They show some of it in their video and while I don’t know if I’ll ever use any of that, let’s review some of the changes/ enhancements.

  • Animated mesh sequences – well, yeah, kinda inevitable, considering that Form and Plexus, do it, too.
  • Custom anchor points – would have saved me a lot of trouble back then, I suppose.
  • Particle randomization control
  • Layer grid placement type
  • Built-in glow
  • A new fog mode
  • Preview quality presets
  • Enhanced editor navigation

Pretty clearly a lot of that has been added to make it easier to set up vast citiscapes with the Metropolitan pack, so I guess we’ll all be building our own version of Gotham city soon… Well, we’ll just have to see when we all get our dirty little hands on the real thing, won’t we? ;-)

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