Level Up!

As you may (or may not have noticed) it’s been quiet around here those last few days. After last week’s health issues as previously reported, events took an ill turn and I had to spend some time in the hospital again. I’m now on even stronger pain medication, but otherwise everything is status quo. Being in hospital, one is mostly cut off from the joys of ze Interweb, so now there’s quite a bit of catching up to do.

Of course everyone goes crazy about After Effects‘ 20th anniversary, so we are not spared hoakey “After Effects changed my life.” testimonials everywhere. Now, after all, this site and my others is mostly about that little bugger, but well, let’s face it –  it’s just software and in this business it’s totally meaningless whether a program is around 20 years or just 3. Unless they seriously straighten out the program it may not be around for another ten and at the moment it’s just one old lady with creaking bones, shrivelled skin and sagging tits instead of an adorable 20-something and that insanity with CS6 still drives me up the wall. But well, at the hospital they told me to take it easy…

One thing that has always been great about After Effects are the many cool plug-ins that have amassed over the years. Many of them were created out of the need that the program just couldn’t do certain things. Others were just geek stuff that never was broadly used and then of course there’s some that are just as commercial as it gets, playing to the audience, but otherwise perhaps a bit redundant. I still feel that’s what happened with MIR, but at least the promotional video didn’t turn out all that bad. One could probably have done it just as well with Plexus 2 or FreeForm Pro, though.

Another plug-in that made some major waves is of course Element 3D and our friends at Video Copilot will be bringing out some good stuff for it including a free update with some new features like 3D-ish glow and others. Though, sadly, no real shadows which ultimately also will limit the results you can get from their Metropolitan city building pack. You know, all those city streets just won’t look real without shadows.

Anything more? I’m sure there’ll be plenty of wonderful things in the next few weeks, but I’ll write something more when I have time for it. For now I have a ton of clothes to wash and clean up the mess I left when I rushed to the hospital…

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