New Year, new Flares

My lymphatic system is having a party and all the glands and knots are positively glowing, my liver and spleen are swollen like balloons, my kidneys are once more dripping blood into my pee and it all hurts like hell, so I’m not getting much done at the moment. I’m hanging around forums a bit and typing the odd article on the After Effects Error Code Database, but mostly I’m dumping my rotting body on my bed early in the evening and falling asleep some time around when other people send their kids to see Mr. Sandman. That being so, I often wake up at 3 in the morning not knowing whether I’ll be able to sleep for another 2 hours or it’s better to just get up. Today was a case of the latter and when I fired up the computer and checked my mail on the After Effects Mailing List (or what I occasionally call The Noise List because there is so much off-topic stuff) a topic piqued my interest. As you all know, lens flares are one of the things I can obsess about and I’m continually looking for examples and inspirations to create new ones, so the video below makes a welcome addition to my collection. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before – just another guy trying out all his lenses – but since not many of us will have access to such a wide variety of different lenses or even cameras, it’s always good to have these references. It also nicely illustrates all the subtle variations you get as the flare moves across the screen and how it may potentially be infinitely difficult to duplicate them all just using plug-ins. Mmh, do I smell another lens flare pack coming…? ;-)

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