13 in 2013

Getting off to a good start in this new year I have added another fresh 13 posts to the After Effects Error Code Database and quite comprehensive ones at that, including some stuff on the Warp Stabilizer and 3D Tracker or the eternal failures of the 3D extrusion stuff. We are now only 3 posts short of reaching 450 entries and not before long we’ll have 500. Combing through my folder of evidence screenshots and straightening out my own little Excel table I also noticed a few older errors that somehow slipped and while they may not be particularly relevant these days, I’m gonna add them just for keeping the database as complete as possible.

How desperately this stuff seems to be needed is not only more than evident by the sheer number of requests that after only 2 and a half months of the database being back in business keeps soaring and will soon be back at old heights, but also by the general popularity of some posts here on this blog. That little summary of tips along with my ponderings on Element 3D are the most popular posts of last year and well, guess what, my Lensflare Pack the most popular download. Now if that ain’t a surprise. *lol*

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