Finally I have been feeling a bit more fit and actually was in the mood, so I sat down those last 3 days and straightened out the After Effects Error Code Database. All broken links should now be fixed, outdated information have been removed and most spelling errors gone. Since I have no access to the database directly and thus could not rely on some smart SQL commands to do all the search & replace stuff I had to rely on my eyes and open each of the more than 400 posts up manually, which took a while. That being so, there may still be some issues here and there. If you encounter oddities, feel free to report them. I also have begun adding more topics and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. The reconstruction of the database might also come in handy for Kopriva-Man™ now that he’s been elevated to quality engineering. Should he ever feel lost when litil missus After Effects is giving him a hard time – we’re here for your pleasure.

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