How Brave are You?

Ah, the little joys… I watched Brave (or as the German title is, Merida) the other day in preparation for writing a review. Didn’t catch it at the cinema back then. It’s still kinda hard to not  fall asleep at 8 in the evening and sometimes I need 2 days to watch a single movie, but I actually managed to sit this one through. So I snuggled up in my bed and hit the play button. Much has been written about the movie being a girlie fantasy or being a bit too predictable, but I tend to disagree. Despite being a guy, I was immediately taken in and up to a certain point you never really know where the story is going. Of course if you know your way around fairytales, especially like the Russian ones we used to watch as children (The Stone Flower springs to mind for instance), you will easily recognize some of the motives, but it’s far from being a simple photocopy of another tale (though one can never be too sure whether it may exist as a folk story in some part of the world, naturally). It’s really a nice little story and things being that Christmas isn’t that far away, it fits the emotional state and spirit of this time of the year. If anything, I found the attempts of trying to be funny a bit hit and miss. In some scenes it works perfectly, others feel just like a lame version of your favorite sitcom. Foregoing that in favor of a bit more character development would have been preferable, but I guess if you are part of the actual, much younger target demographic it works perfectly. So if you have some kids at the right age running around your house and destroying your furniture, it may be just the ticket and the little games that come on the discs may save your Christmas Eve. There’s also another little gem on there by ways of the short La Luna which I couldn’t help but think is so cuuuuute. It’s really funny and original…

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