I wish you a blinking Christmas!

It’s the week of a single day stretched out to seven. The  Cyber Monday horror is still with us and I can barely count the e-mails where companies are trying to sell me hum-ho plug-ins or strange software that I never even would consider using. It’s funny how off-putting and disgusting it actually is, especially at that time of year where people should have other things on their minds. Since I have always made it a policy to provide as much content as possible for free (well, of course I have stuff I’m not giving away, but you can always hire me to include some of that in your projects when needed…), I once more have crafted something for you and it is actually more in keeping with the seasonal spirit. Have a gander at the video.

Head over to my content site to download the actual files. Be advised that as stated on the page you really should read the PDF that comes with it. Thing is, this is really just the result of my toying around and I never really had a plan for it, so the code is sloppy and there are some issues. It’s one of those things that I could spend another few weeks cleaning it up and making it more functional, but I guess you will agree that publishing it on Christmas Eve wouldn’t have been that useful, so perhaps you can overlook those little problems and still get something out of it. We can always try to do this better next year. ;-) Feel free to tweak the files to your needs. I also have one or two other things in the works and hopefully will publish them in time, but while you wait for that, you might also want to browse through the other stuff. Over the years I have created many winter or Christmas themed presets and you can find anything from parametrized snow-covered text to snowflakes to similar lighting effects and all sorts of pine trees. And of course Christmas looks so much better with lens flares :-), so feel free to indulge and download the various presets, if you haven’t already….

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