All come together

As you all full well know by know, I’m a sucker for the Cirque du Soleil‘s shows and so I’m grabbing almost every bit about them. No, I don’t wear Desigual women’s undies just for the Cirque motive, just in case you were wondering. ;-) That side of the gay world eludes me completely. Though I occasionally find that some of those ladies would be perfectly cute/ handsome guys if they wouldn’t try so hard to look hot in bras and their sisters’ G-strings *sigh*. Well, each his own. I have my own little dark pleasures, too. Anyway, the last few days I listened a couple of times to the latest Cirque soundtrack for Amaluna. If you remember, I wasn’t quite that taken with Iris as it really sounded too much like a remix or medley of all those Tim Burton movies, so I’m more than happy to report that the new one is more original. The title of this post is the title of the first song, by the way. Sounds a bit like Kooza at times and is definitely more on the rock-y side. I’m still undecided where to put it on my own rating scale. I re-watched Quidam because the show is coming to our region next year (and I once more sacrificed all my saved money for tickets, so that iPad will have to wait again…) and compared to that, those modern scores still look rather pale or perhaps a bit too conventional at least. Mmmh…

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