Larry & Larry

Just when it’s probably one of the most important weekends for some people on this planet and they’re celebrating with friends and family, others are hit by bad news. Okay, I’m not going crazy over Larry Hagman‘s exit. At the age of 81, he had his life and actually was quite lucky to have escaped his original cancer years ago. I’m sure he very much felt the same. It’s funny that I belong to the crowd who know his J.R. Ewing persona, which he reprised in some commercials recently,  in a clichéed way from reading about it, but I never actually saw a single episode of Dallas. Well, at least not consciously. It’s quite possible that we watched some of that when we were kids.

The more important news is that Larry Schultz passed away at the age of 47. As I wrote back then, we locked horns more than once, but despite not getting along on a personal level, you have to give him credit for having been one of the most prolific Lightwave artists. It’s also sad that he had to go through so much on the medical side and the ton of immigration issues they had when moving to New Zealand certainly didn’t make things easier. Well, in a way it’s probably still some relief and one might at least take consolation in that there is now an end to all that suffering.

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