Multiple Personalities

The last few days have been somewhat bad and I’ve been feeling pretty much under the weather. Aside from some rather unmotivated forum posting activity I couldn’t get anything done and so I turned in early in the evening. That being so, I accidentally caught two episodes of United States of Tara. Must be a rerun, but since I hadn’t seen any of it before, it piqued my interest. In a quirky way quite funny to see those alternate personalities doing weird stuff. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that conveniently there are no money problems and Tara can live out her alter egos without having to worry about anything. Living out my own somewhat infantile side as someone who watches and reviews Winnie the Pooh movies, I actually bought the December edition of their mag that came with some Piglet and Pooh shaped cookie cutters and of course I tried them out when I was turning dough into cookies for family, friends and my little homeys (the neighbors’ kids, that is) yesterday. Will make for some interesting comments when they get their sampling.

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