In the Spotlight

Nature has a way of never stopping to surprise us with its beauty and so I’m usually ever ready to take nice pictures of interesting cloud formations, rainbows, oddly shaped trees, butterflies, bugs or other animals. Regrettably the one day we had the most beautiful sunrise I didn’t have my camera with me on the day of my surgery. Imagine the steam clouds from our local power plant having the most beautiful red rim lighting, set against purple high altitude clouds with a purple-blue sky peeking through here and there. It quite literally looked like a Bob Ross painting – almost too colorful to be true, yet in a strange way quite evocative and peaceful. Today I was more lucky and snatched this little gem on one of those forest walks with my brother.

Forest Spotlight

That’s 100% real (well, as real as any photo can ever be), I just added the vignetting and slightly ramped up the contrast for more clarity. Fascinating, isn’t it? It really looks like someone put up a spotlight just to impress passers-by. Speaking of spotlight – one of the reasons people participate in competitions is to get some public attention and present their work of course. I’m usually too busy with other stuff or simply not interested, but obviously some people have the time, so now you can vote for the winner of the competition I wrote about a while ago.

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