While none of the side effects of my ongoing illness are really enjoyable, some are less of a problem than others. Getting bloody skin while scratching your butt may be inconvenient, but it’s nothing threatening. Tumors of all sorts are or can be, when they turn malignant or grow too large at least, so today I had a lipoma removed that was putting pressure on a nerve in my right arm, causing slight tingles and occasionally twitches already. Seems I’m really leaving nothing out and the nature of the disease being that it attacks interstitial tissue I should probably get used to more of those things appearing one day, pumped by my corticoid treatments funneling fat their way. Speaking about cutting  away the fat, I’ve spent a few minutes and begun to remove some outdated references from the After Effects Error Code Database. This is an ongoing process that I’m going to work on every now and then when I feel like it without rushing anything, so if you stumble upon one of those defunct links and would like to see it fixed, just add a comment and I’ll try to prioritize it. While I’m at it, I’m also trying to exterminate more of my typos and bad grammar and actually one day it may even sound like proper English *yay*, but likewise, if you see something, feel free to report it.

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