The Good, the Bad and the orange Button

I’m not good with people. I’ve said that many times and though I’m actually much better in "real life", I can at times be quite an annoyance when dealing with people in the virtual world. You know, that combination of trying to be funny when English is not your native language combined with the burden of being a genius plus my twiddly fingers always wanting to type something else than my brain wants them to…. Anyway, I had my fair share of little scrapes with the one and only Kopriva-Man™ aka Todd Kopriva and while we don’t always see eye to eye, he has been one of the more helpful homeys out there. Yes, he’s one of the few people who have donated noteworthy amounts of cash by doing exactly what he wrote in his blog – he hit the orange button – and that makes him stand out. That and of course the help he has provided over the years in fixing my typos or providing some additional info on some stuff. And you now have it on good authority from an employee of the big red A, so perhaps you can consider to donate a few bucks/ Euros, too. The more freedom we get in customizing the site, the more awasome and useful the After Effects Error Code Database can be – to you, to me, to all the people who don’t even know yet they might need it some day. And now I need to do some work on this thing to make up to Todd. ;-)

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