Having a love for chocolate can have its advantages, one of them being noticing when your fridge is kaputt. :-( You know, when you take it out of the cooling unit and it just doesn’t feel like you expect it to. So here I am, reporting that my trusty Liebherr which I was so proud of 2 years ago doesn’t make the hint of a noise. Not that it should be loud or anything – those machines are so quiet, you barely hear them running – but I miss that soft chugging when it starts up and the reassuring bubbling noises from the cooling liquid. On the bright side, the light’s still on. *lol* Too bad this had to happen only a few months after warranty ran out, but I guess that’s one of those Murphy’s Law things – such stuff always happens when you have the least need to make your life even more complicated than it already is. *argh* And the part that really bugs me is that it ruined so much food from the deep freeze chamber when it thawed. I just hate throwing away food just because it will spoil and get rife with germs before I can eat it, considering that elsewhere on this planet people have not enough to eat once a day. The one glimmer of hope is that I still have the predecessor around and have been using it as a normal kitchen cabinet, so I could just fire it up and at least salvage some of the less temperature-sensitive stuff. Still, I’m pretty frustrated by all of this and now all the chocolate I’ve stashed away in that drawer couldn’t make me happy…

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